About Us


What is River Country 102.7???

River Country 102.7 is a different kind of Country Station.  This is where the biggest country stars of the 90's and 2000's still play together with their country music heros from the 80's and a few legends here and there.  We hope you enjoy this new and different kind of Country Station.  We are proud of the communities we serve and we hope that you love this station as much as we love playing this great music for you.

About Stratemeyer Media

It started in the 70's.  The Stratemeyer Family bought some little radio stations in Anna Illinois.  That's where the Stratemeyer's learned what marketing was all about.  From there the Stratemeyer Family went on to own stations in other Southern Illinois towns as well as what would become the flagship of their stations in Paducah, KY.

Now, the company has grown again.  WMJL, or as we call it - River Country 102.7 is actually very special to us.  This station takes us back to the beginning and reminds why we fell in love with radio to begin with.

Phil Reeder is simply a machine.  Phil has been with the company since 2009 and basically is responsible for everything that happens on the air at any Stratemeyer Media Group Stations...well., at least the good things...because there are some mistakes that happen now and then that Phil has nothing to do with.

Meet the Team

The Stratemeyer Media Group is always growing and expanding.  We have some of the brightest minds in the region working with us.  We always thought, why not hire people that are better than us so that we can look really good.  That idea has paid off for us.  There are some really talented radio people in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois, but we would put our team up against any of them...not necessarily because our people are just simply better, but because we encourage them to take ownership of ideas and run with them.  The only rules are that ideas have to make our clients or our company better.  There are no corporate handcuffs at the Stratemeyer Media Group.  Does that make us better?  We believe it does.


Taylor Davis

The Guy Who Wakes Up Early

Taylor is a Crittenden County native who loves Rockets Sports, Country Music, long walks on the beach and chasing a small white ball around a field after hitting it with a stick.  Catch Taylor every weekday morning from 6am till 9 on River Country 102.7

Want to be a part of the show?  Call or text Taylor anytime at 270-808-0808.

Dale Matthews

Director of directions 

Dale Matthews will tell you where to go.  Every company needs one of those people, right?

Chris Hardesty

The Guy Who Sits across from Taylor in the morning

Chris is our local area sports historian and all around good guy.  Chris has been a part of the sports programming at WMJL for a long time but now joins the Live and Local Morning show on River Country 102.7.  Chris likes breakfast, lunch, dinner, sports and long walks on the beach.  Join Taylor and Chris weekday mornings on River Country 102.7

To get in touch call or text 270-808-0808

James Dempsey

The guy who we can always count on

James is the guy who is there when you need him.  If James says he'll be there, nothing can keep him away.  We are lucky to have him.

Dena Conway

Marketing Specialist

Dena is ready to help your business grow.  She can help you get your message out on River Country 102.7 or any or our sister stations as well.  If you need a new ad or just need to discuss you marketing needs, get with Dena.  Like all the rest of us, Dena is here to help.

Jason Crockett

Speaker of the House 

Jason Crockett has been with the Stratemeyer Media Group in some capacity since 2003.  Jason helps with all aspects of the company from programming and promotions to engineering and even advertising sales.